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Our son Robert has practically grown up with the Billie Barry Stage School since joining at the tender age of 5. This prestigious school teaches students the value of hard work , dedication and respect which they will carry with them throughout their lives
Robert also enjoys taking piano lessons, summer camp and choir with the Billie Barry Stage School
Students receive the highest level of physical fitness training which is evident during the “Warm Up Exercises” on “Parents Day”
Robert has made so many good friends along the way and his social life now as a teenager revolves around his “BBK family” It has also enhanced our own social life as we have meet other parents that we now call true friends We highly recommend the Billie Barry Stage School and hope to be part of the “BBK Family” for many years to come

Rob & Claire Donnelly.

6 years ago Adam learned his first dance step in the Billie Barry Stage School. Darragh followed two years later and Kate is the most recent member of the Malone family to join. What a wonderful experience it has been and continues to be for all three of them.
The school has provided an opportunity for all three to learn a variety of performance art forms. It is a school where high standards are both expected and encouraged, where great friendships have been made and where every student respects and supports each other. The sense of camaraderie and team work has to be seen to be believed. The skills they have learned and the memories they have experienced will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
I don’t think Kate will ever forget standing on the Gaiety Stage, singing her little heart out, as she played her part in celebrating 50 years of the Billie Barry Stage School. Darragh can’t get used to hearing his voice on RTE Jnr in “The Day Henry Met” and Adam still can’t believe he got the opportunity to travel to Shanghai China to perform in one of Ireland’s best known plays “Waiting for Godot”. The school has shown all three of them that hard work, dedication and team work isn’t such a bad thing after all. Long may it continue…

The Malone Family.

I love my kids being part of such a fantastic stage school. We have been
part of the school for the past 10 years. During this time they have had
amazing opportunities. They have learnt to work hard and strive to be the
best they can be, not only in their dance class but in all aspects of life.
Lorraine has instilled a lot of life lessons in the children which will stay
with them their whole lives!

Karen Phillips

I was one of the lucky girls who performed on numerous Christmas Pantos in
both the Gaiety/Olympia Theatres in addition to many Late Late Shows in the
early ’80’s. Great memories, great friends and fantastic life skills that
have helped shape the person I am today. Roll on 30 years and who would
have known that I would be blessed again to see my daughters perform on
numerous Billie Barry Shows and Christmas Pantos. Thank you Ms Barry,
Lorraine, Peter and Robyn for such wonderful memories.

Tania, Zara, Sophie and Isabella Crinion.

I can’t imagine my life without Billie Barry. I have grown up there. My
memory box is full of things from the many shows and wonderful experiences
that I have had. I have met my closest friends and I am working towards my
dreams of being a dancer. I feel I am happiest when I am at Billie Barry or
surrounded by bbk’s. I am very proud to be part of this dance family.

Abby Phillips age 14

I absolutely love the Billie Barry Stage School. I have been a Biillie Barry kid since I was 4.I feel like it has really built up my confidence a lot since I’ve joined. I have made a lot of unforgettable memories and very close friends in the school. I always look foward to my Thursday and Monday Jazz class!! We learn so much every week, I absolutely love it!
I can’t imagine my life without Billie Barry!!

( Ylenia Cicchini Age 12)

I just joined the Billie Barry Stage School and I really love it! I already made a lot of new friends and look forward to my class every week!

(Yacobo Cicchini Age 9)

My daughter has been in the Billie Barry Stage School for the past 8 years. She started at the age of 4 and ever since, going to her classes is definately the highlight of her week, and wouldn’t miss a day!!The Billie Barry Stage School has not only helped built up her confidence ,it has taught her team work, respect for one another and discipline!

Any performance in which the Billie Barry kids are involved in are always amazing, highly professional and perfect to the smallest detail! Many thanks to Lorraine and Robyn for all the hard work they put in each week!

(Romina Rocca)

Amid the fun and thrill of performance there is a solid work ethic which fosters application, diligence and self-motivation. This is a school where students hate to miss even one class.

Geraldine Finlay (Parent)

Not just a stage school but a way of life; that has taught our daughter the value of hard work and commitment; where high standards are expected and excellence is the goal; where she has been nurtured with respect and encouragement so that her skills and talents have emerged; where she has learned team work and made true friends; where she has experienced the best of times, memories that will remain with her for life.

Tom and Mary Brennan (Parents)

It kind of means too much to me to find words to describe it. The friends you make, the things you learn, the opportunities you are given and the memories you keep forever.

Kate O'Callaghan Age 15 (Student)

As a parent there is nothing I want more for my child than to be healthy and happy and the Billie Barry Stage School provides that healthy and happy environment. There is a wealth of learning through song and dance, social interaction and a mutual respect. A sincere thanks to Lorraine for the countless memories.

Jacqueline Donovan (Parent)

My mum went to the Billie Barry Stage School and now I go, I like that its now a family tradition.

Adam Tallon Age 10 (Student)

The Billie Barry Stage School has given both of my girls excellent self esteem and the ability to have confidence in their day to day events and in various social settings, especially the most important place... School. Thank you!!!

Sandra O'Connell (Parent)

Billie Barrys!! Its my life... what more can I say. I love it.

Antoinette Brennan Age 15 (Student)

Through their involvement with the Billie Barry Stage School both our daughters have had great fun, made fabulous friendships all while learning the enjoyment of dance and exercise. They also learned social skills, respect for others and how to cope with success and disappointment. We couldn't thank them enough!

Ger and Mick Simpson (Parents)

The confidence and discipline that has been instilled in our daughters through their days in the Billie Barry Stage School has been priceless. They live for their classes which speaks for itself! We know that the time spent with Lorraine, Peter and all the kids builds memories that they will cherish forever.

Beverly and Harry Talbot (Parents)

I love it! I've been in Billie Barrys for 12 years and every memory I have is a great one. I've made so many friends since I joined and I look forward to absolutely every single class!

David Thornton Age 16 (Student)

Your child makes wonderful friends and they have great respect for one another. The shows are spectacular. The training is fantastic which they will have for the rest of their lives. It's wonderful to see so many children enjoying what they do.

Sandra Deane (Parent)

If you want to stay fit and have great fun learning how to sing and dance you will love Billie Barrys. I do...

Rachel O'Connell Age 8 (Student)

The Billie Barry Stage School provides children with a fantastic opportunity to learn to express themselves confidently and creatively in a safe and fun environment.

Padraig O'Dwyer (Parent)

To know that you're part of a stage school full of laughter, fun and enthusiasm is a great feeling. To me it's a place where I feel my dreams are possible.

Yasmine Missaoui Age 14 (Student)

The best thing I ever did for my child was to enrol her in the school. The joy on her face after every class is worth bottling.

Richie Maguire (Parent)

You are welcomed into Billie Barrys with open arms no matter what age you are. It's brilliant!

David Whelan Age 15 (Student)

We are the Quinn family and have three girls at the stage school where there are a lovely bunch of kids. It's a great way to exercise for the children and what can I say about confidence building! It's wonderful - Lorraine has a great way with children. Respect and manners are as important in the school as their training and I think that's very important. Keep up the good work.

Laura Quinn (Parent)

Everything we do is done in the best and most professional way possible.

Sean Kavanagh Age 17 (Student)

The Billie Barry Stage School is a very well respected institution. Nothing is just thrown together, every last detail of a routine or performance is constantly perfected. Professional yet a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Elaine Healy (Parent)

Being a Billie Barry kid myself many years ago I wanted my children to have the same experience that I had.

Jeannette Dowling (Parent)


Standing on the Gaiety stage in the Billie Barry Show in front of a large audience was the biggest thrill of my life... and to do it with all of my friends for a whole week was just like magic. Words can't describe that special feeling. I am so so proud to be a Billie Barry Kid.

Zoe Talbot Age 10 (Student)

I think doing shows in the Gaiety is a great experience and is great fun. It is really enjoyable performing in front of so many people. Waiting to go on stage and hearing the audience applaud is just so cool.

Sadhbh Smyth Age 9 (Student)

Billie Barrys is fantastic. You get to try lots of different things and learn great dances and songs. You make lots of friends and you will definitely enjoy yourself. Every three years you do a show in the Gaiety and the experience is amazing. I love it and you would too.

Megan Gallagher Age 13 (Student)

Thursday is my favourite day of the week because I have Billie Barrys. My favourite thing about Billie Barrys is the show in the Gaiety. It is so much fun and exciting. Also we get to wear costumes and dance to a live orchestra. Every kid should be in Billie Barrys because they are missing all the fun!!!

Gwen Mc Carthy Age 8 (Student)

I love to dance and perform on the Gaiety Stage with all my friends. The year leading up to the Billie Barry Show is the best fun ever..., we have extra dance classes and rehearsals and our costumes are fab! It is a great opportunity to show off what you can do, I just wish we could do it every year!!

Rachel Maloney Age 11 (Student)

The show is a great opportunity to show off your dancing skills. You get a great boost to your self esteem performing in front of so many people. It's great to see what it is like backstage in a real theatre. It's a brilliant experience and you have lots of fun doing it.

Ruth Kehoe Age 13 (Student)

Rachel has developed in many ways through her classes and the Billie Barry Productions. She has grown in self-confidence and self-esteem. She has made some of her best friends through the school and lives for her classes. The Billie Barry Productions are a real treat, every child gets to participate, the attention to detail is excellent and the shows are spectacular. Can't wait for the next one!

Denise Maloney (Parent)


If you're looking for a way of learning to enhance your voice the Billie Barry Choir is the place to be. It is also a great way of making new friends and having fun.

Melissa Partridge Age 9 (Student)

The Choir is so much fun, a really friendly atmosphere and we always sing really great songs. I really look forward to going.

Rachel Gunn Age 14 (Student)

The Choir is excellent. We learn great harmonies and the songs that are chosen are really good. You get to meet new people too because there's a mixture of students from different classes.

Kathryn Browne Age 14 (Student)

Summer School

Summer School is three weeks of fun, laughter, friends, cool dancing, singing and oh yeah! OUR SHOWCASE. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

Christen Mooney Age 9 (Student)

In the summer, our stage school runs a Summer School for three weeks. It's the highlight of my summer. I don't know how Lorraine puts up with us for hours each day, five times a week but we all look up to her greatly for giving us something to work at during the long summer. We all appreciate the work and effort she puts in for us especially when she should be on her own holidays.

Ruth Devine Age 14 (Student)

Summer School is the only time kids don't mind getting out of bed for "school".

Hazel Francis (Parent)

Summer School for me as a parent is really wonderful. It's great to see the enjoyment that my children get from it. They are bursting with excitement while waiting for it to start. Fantastic value for money!

Miriam Byrne (Parent)

Summer School is the best summer camp EVER!!!!

Niamh Barry Age 10 (Student)


I love Billie Barrys because you learn a lot and you make great friends. When you think about the days you do it you feel... Woo-hoo! Billie Barrys on today. It's just a great experience.

Joshua Hurley Age 10 (Student)

I look forward to every Billie Barry class where we tap with our feet, dance with our souls and sing with our hearts. Couldn't live without it!

Claudia Murray Age 14 (Student)

A smile says it all and that is what I see on Shauna's face every time I collect her from her classes.

Elaine O'Callaghan (Parent)

I can't fully describe the sheer joy of dancing and the sense of achievement when learning a new routine. As well as performance training the school has taught me the true value of commitment, dedication and hard work which are essential in all areas of life.

Sive Finlay Age 16 (Student)

Apart from great fun and great friends Billie Barry teaches us great routines including fun warm ups to boppy songs. Before I started I was a bit shy but now I love to sing and dance and I am much more confident in everything I do.

Lauren O'Connell Age 10 (Student)

I love Billie Barrys because dancing is my life and when I put on my tap shoes words can't describe how happy I feel.

Simon O'Driscoll Age 10 (Student)

Being in Billie Barrys is a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into the world of entertainment. It's not just a chance to learn from the best there's also a great social aspect. Billie Barrys gives you the ability to gain confidence in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Steven Garvey Kelly Age 17 (Student)

I love the way Lorraine includes everyone!! Lorraine really has a lot of patience.

Nikki Good Age 13 (Student)

Billie Barrys helps us to build up enough confidence to show our talents to the world through performance while making new friends and enjoying ourselves in the process.

Jennifer Healy Age 17 (Student)